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Research 01:
In Vitro-In Silico-Based Mixture Risk Assessment 

We use ToxCast in vitro assays in combination with computational in vitro to in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE) modeling and human exposure data to conduct an in vitro- and in silico-based mixture risk assessment of combined exposure to multiple chemicals. 

IVIVE BPs study.tif
Research 02:
Integrating Diet Survey and Population Modeling into Risk and Benefit Assessment

We conduct the risk and benefit assessment of a chemical based on internal dose metric by integrating total diet study and population toxicokinetic modeling.

Risk-benefit assessment of nitrates and
Research 03:
Integrating Human Biomonitoring Data and Population Modeling into Risk Assessment 

We integrate human biomonitoring data with human PBPK modeling and population data-based dose–response analysis for exposure and human health risk assessment of environmental chemicals.

CMU Class - 2020.10.29.tif
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